A water heater in your home is important for tasks, such as cooking, washing, and bathing. For relaxation (and health), for instance, there is nothing like taking a hot bath after a long day at work.


Health Benefits of Hot Baths

Bathing or soaking in a tub filled with hot water helps raise your body temperature, which should make you sweat. Sweating aids in releasing toxins through the skin. A warm bath will also help improve your blood and lymph circulation as the temperature boosts the vessels to dilate.

From improved circulation, body detoxification follows, as well as improved heart rate and metabolism. A warm bath feels good because it also releases endorphins, making you feel rejuvenated after a good, steamy bath. Endorphins contribute to strengthening one’s immune system, preventing headaches and enhancing the quality of one’s sleep.

Physically active people release a good amount of endorphins with exercise and the hot baths they take post-activity. The moderately hot water temperature can help ease sore muscles, aches, and other body pains. The overall relaxed inner state also helps prevent the likely build-up of lactic acid in the muscles after engaging in strenuous exercises.

Water Heater Maintenance

With all these health benefits in mind, ensure that proper Athens, GA water heater maintenance is part of your annual schedule of cleaning and tune-ups of appliances and important systems in your home. Homeowners can start checking the water heater’s tank for residue build-ups at the bottom of the unit. Neglecting this basic cleanup can impair the heater’s function to produce hot water, while also decreasing its lifespan, simultaneously.

Flush sediments and then allow clean water to flow back into the tank. The free flow of clean water without the residues to block or contaminate the supply will help reduce energy consumption. This will also prevent corrosion or replacement of the anode—the long electrically charged rod of zinc installed inside the system. However, unless you know how to be careful with plumbing components, or know your way around plumbing fixes, especially ones that involve hot water, it’s best to let a professional Athens, GA plumbing contractor like Athens Plumbing & Well Service to handle the inspection and maintenance, which should be regularly scheduled, to help prolong your water heater’s lifespan.

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