Well Service in Athens, GA: How to Tell If You Need a New Well Pump

Living off well and septic systems is a great option for homeowners in rural areas who don’t have access to municipal water and sewer lines; however, these systems come with their own issues. Diagnosing the problem and seeking help from an experienced plumber in Athens, GA as soon as possible decreases the risk of costly plumbing bills.

The most common indications of problems with well pumps and water tanks include decreased water pressure, loud or unusual noises, dirty water, air “spitting” from the faucet, and abnormally high electric bills, which may mean that the pump is running constantly to keep the water pressure at a normal level. Other scenarios that put a strain on the well pump, increasing the risk of pump failure, include a power outage and the expansion tank losing pressure.

In the event that the electricity goes out, the well will stop working unless it has a backup power supply, such as a backup generator or battery. The expansion tank is a closed container that the well pump fills with water. As the tank fills, the air becomes compressed until there is sufficient pressure to trip the pressure switch. When someone opens a faucet, the air pressure in the tank squeezes the bladder, letting the water out. If the tank loses its pressure, the pump exerts excessive energy to maintain a full tank.

Experts recommend scheduling annual well maintenance to stay ahead of issues that may arise. If the repairman suggests replacing the pressure switch or tank, get the replacement done. He should be able to provide accurate estimates for the materials and installation for a replacement pressure switch or tank. When it’s time to replace the entire well pump, be prepared to shell out for the replacement parts and installation. Again, your repairman should be able to provide an upfront accurate estimate for the job so that there are no surprises.

If you believe that there is a problem with your well pump, contact a reputable plumber in your area. Hiring someone who has ample experience with well service in Athens, GA ensures that you’ll be able to get your well pump repaired or replaced properly and in a timely fashion.


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