You just came back from breaking a sweat and want to get in the shower. Should you turn your shower dial to hot or cold?

Personal training experts have long debated this, and chances are it’s not going to end anytime soon. Many say a blast of cold water is good for a worn-out body, but the practice still has little merits in the scientific community (even if athletes themselves say it works). Some still stand on the natural, traditional method of a warm bath.

heat or a little of both

When Washington Post reporter Lenny Bernstein sat down with two trainers, one suggested a mix of both. Cycling between heat and cold every ten minutes twice allows the body to benefit from slowed inflammation and increased blood flow. Inflamed muscles are caused by tears from an injury or hard workout, engendering in turn body wastes during the healing process. A faster blood flow, through heat, can expel all that.

Whether it’s hot or cold, warm or cool bath or soak, it’s safe to say that it pays to have your Athens, GA plumbing system in tip top condition so that you can have either hot or cold baths, or a little of both, anytime. When you’re not working out, you will want a nice warm bath in the winter and  a refreshing cold bath in the summer. When you want the water to be just right, playing between ice and fire lets you do that.

You’d also want your system to have both hot and cold water working perfectly to avoid the risk of being scalded, or chilled to the bone. Health and safety authorities suggest setting the temperature of hot water up to 120OF. Any higher and it only takes minutes to induce second-degree burns. Similarly, too-cold showers induce dangers of their own: hypothermia and irregular heartbeat, to name two.

Incoming water is cold by default, so to get it just right, make sure you have a locally sourced and serviced Athens, GA water heater working efficiently in your home. Water heaters can suffer from any myriad of problems like a funky smell, low pressure, and weak heat production. You can do some DIY troubleshooting, but where you’re handling a tank full of scalding water, it’s best to let the plumbing experts do the job.

Whether the stress in your body comes from an intense workout or a taxing day at work, you’ll want to make sure your bath works. Don’t delay and wait for a problem to turn up, consult your local plumbing service like Athens Plumbing & Well Service. Water heaters run right up their alley of expertise.

(Source: “Ice, heat or a little of both? How do you recover from a hard workout?” Washington Post)