Though many people have access to municipal water services, some would prefer having their own sources of water. The main way to go about that is to drill your own well and hook your home to it. There are several advantages to this; one is that you aren’t dependent on public water sources and don’t have to worry about supply. Another is that you are in complete control of how the water is purified and treated. If you’re interested, an experienced plumber in Athens, GA like one working with Athens Plumbing & Well Service would be able to help your home gain access to a well and maintaining it for continued use.


Well Drilling

Professional Athens, GA well drilling firms can help you get started in getting your own well. Depending on how deep the water table is in your part of the state, there are different types of wells you can choose from and the type of water pump you can use. In the past, open air wells were the norm; nowadays, water wells are drilled and pumps are used to bring up the water. Shallow-water pumps are the usual choice, especially when the well is around 25 feet underground. For deeper wells, like those that reach hundreds of feet, jet pumps are used.

The drilling and installation of the pump are just the preliminary steps, though. You’ll need a water treatment facility to ensure that you’re drinking and using clean water. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are a popular choice. Water softeners are also sometimes installed, in case the mineral content of the water is too high. Well water should be tested so that you can find out exactly how you should treat it and whether it has been contaminated by chemicals or bacteria.

Well Maintenance

Once the well has been dug, you should turn your sights to maintaining it. Improper upkeep can result in water contamination or your well equipment malfunctioning. Have a professional perform a yearly inspection; this includes a visual inspection of the various components of your well system starting from the well head to the pump. Maintenance may also be necessary if you notice cloudy water or taste and odor problems.

Pump and water filter maintenance requires professional help. This is especially so with pumps, since pipes will need to be checked and excavated. Contact an expert to have the job done properly and efficiently.


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