Some plumbing problems are obvious, others not so. Health and home inspectors are experienced and well-trained experts keen at finding both. While you may be aware of certain plumbing issues such as a clogged toilet, other not-so-obvious issues could result in a citation for certain plumbing violations.

A popular chain restaurant in Coweta County recently received such citations from a health inspection. Several violations were noted, including pipe leaks under the dish machine and washer sink, and mold on the drop area of the ice machine. Both were repeat violations.

The local health inspector said in an interview that plumbers already submitted their estimates to fix the leaks in March, but the restaurant failed to act on them. The inspector had a plumber do the repairs immediately during this latest inspection.

Leak Violations in a Home

Leaky pipes aren’t only a violation in commercial establishments, but in residential properties as well. During a home inspection, plumbing problems such as water leakage can immediately result in a citation for home or land owners. Typically, a home inspector will check a home for signs of mold and mildew related to water leaking from broken pipes. They will also look for signs of pipe leaks by inspecting wood panels and pieces located under or near pipes for water marks and/or rotted materials.

Avoiding Home Inspection Citations

To avoid a citation, home and land owners need to keep a few things in mind: First, confirm that all pipework in your property meets legal standards and guidelines. Second, do a regular visual inspection of your pipes and plumbing appliances to ensure their condition. Third, make sure your bathrooms and other areas with a large amount of water are adequately ventilated to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

If any plumbing issues are observed, contact an Athens, GA plumbing professional and have it fixed immediately.

Quality Plumbing Services in Athens, GA

Trusted local plumbing companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service provide quality commercial and residential services including water heater repair/replacement, high pressure jetting, sewer video camera inspection, sewer and drain cleaning, well drilling, and trenchless sewer-water line replacement. In particular, do not overlook septic tank maintenance, as a home inspector will certainly take a close look at this. Overuse could cause the level of solids to clog the drainage pipes, the outlet port, and the drain itself, and these are critical findings that could affect your home’s value. A skilled plumbing company can fix this problem before an inspector finds it.


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