A drilled well is created by making a hole in the ground and lining the upper part with casing. The quality of materials used for well service must meet certain standards, and only a team of professionals including an experienced plumber in Athens, GA can help a property owner assess whether or not a water source can adequately meet the property’s needs.

planning your water system

It is the team’s duty to facilitate the planning. They also take note of considerations for a well-designed water system, including water sources, pumps, pressure systems, distribution systems and water equipment. This is especially true for commercial properties and farms that use a high volume of water. In an article entitled, “Planning Your Water System”, the author states,

Often little thought and foresight are given to planning a farm or home water system. On the surface, a water system seems no more than an automatic pump and storage tank that delivers water under pressure to the household. There are other important aspects, such as how much water is available, the pressure requirements, water quality and provisions for watering a garden and fire fighting. When planning your water system, consider all the uses (current and potential) of water in your home and business. Include such things as:
• Livestock watering
• Cleaning barn floors and equipment
• Irrigation of gardens and greenhouses
• Egg and milk production
• Fire protection.

Knowing the specific location of a property should be a top priority because this makes record-keeping easier. It is also important to determine what wells have been drilled in the chosen area. This gives an idea of the abundance of water in a certain property. Plotting well locations on a map is useful as well because this gives a clear idea of the trends taking place. When planning to set up a water system, Athens, GA well drilling companies can also find out the exact location of other wells in the area by asking around.

There are many certified water well contractors available in most communities, but selecting a responsible and reputable expert is a good choice. No matter the water source, they are in charge of testing water quality, treating water if necessary, monitoring the water supply, maintaining the water and well system and protecting the water source from contamination. Companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service can guarantee quality plumbing and well services by covering all these factors.

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