A water heater is crucial home equipment that you and your family members likely use multiple times per day for cooking, hygiene and more. Nobody wants to deal with a broken hot water heater, and many would like to find a way to extend the life of their unit so that they do not have to replace it soon. There are a few easy tips that you can follow that can help you to get the most life out of your system, and your Athens, GA plumbing company can assist you with these steps.


Flush the Tank

With regular use of a tank-style water heater in Athens, GA, heavy sediment can build up in the tank. This sediment will continue to build up until it causes repair issues for you to deal with. Eventually, this can decrease the life of the water heater. Removing the sediment is an easy way to minimize repair issues with your tank over the years, and a plumber can assist you with this. Ideally, the water heater will be professionally flushed each year at the same time the system receives a full maintenance check.

Insulate the Unit

Adding a layer of insulation around the hot water heater is another simple way to increase the life of the unit and to keep repair issues at bay. Insulation will keep the heat trapped in your hot water heater, and this means that the system will need to work less hard to complete the same job of maintaining the water at a desired temperature. Less wear and tear on the components in the hot water heater can lead to an extended life with fewer repair problems for you to fix.

A plumber in Athens GA can help you to complete these steps with a single visit to your home. If any repair issues are developing at the present time, those issues can also be repaired quickly. This can reduce wear and tear on the system as well. With this in mind, now is a wonderful time to contact a plumber for assistance with repairs and maintenance work on your home’s hot water heater.


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