Athens, GA Water Heater Maintenance: For Housekeeping and Hot Baths

A water heater in your home is important for tasks, such as cooking, washing, and bathing. For relaxation (and health), for instance, there is nothing like taking a hot bath after a long day at work.


Athens, GA Plumber Can Do Fine Wells for Additional Water Source

Water well may be an additional feature for your residential or commercial property; property owners opt for water wells because they can be a source of abundant water. To keep your well maintained and the water safe enough for use, it helps to understand a few things about well water maintenance.

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Having Issues with Your Home Well? Call Your Local Athens, GA Plumber

A residential well is a useful addition to one’s home, providing a consistent supply of water when needed. Like all other systems and equipment around the home, however, water wells are also not immune to developing issues over time.

There may come a time when the well would stop pumping water, and purchasing or setting […]

Well-Conditioned Athens, GA Plumbing Keeps Your Bath Water Just Right

You just came back from breaking a sweat and want to get in the shower. Should you turn your shower dial to hot or cold?

Personal training experts have long debated this, and chances are it’s not going to end anytime soon. Many say a blast of cold water is good for a worn-out body, […]

Athens, GA Well Service Reminds Well Owners to Be Alert for Arsenic

Arsenic belongs to semiconductors, not your water well.

This so-called “king of poisons” exposes millions of Americans to health horrors like cancer. Although traces of arsenic are more common in the West, wherever there’s pesticide or farm droppings, arsenic is sure to follow. Making it worse is the fact that many have no idea that […]

Doing the Math in Choosing the Best Water Heater for Athens, GA Homes

Inefficiency doesn’t only mean being wasteful of energy, but also of time and resources. Having too little hot water can be just as bad as having too much at any given moment. To avoid this, make some speedy calculations on your overall hot water demand. The Department of Energy offers several effective tips on calculating […]

Athens, GA Plumber Urges Keeping Contaminants Away From Your Well

A private well is one way to steer clear of rising water costs. However, unless it was installed by an experienced plumber in Athens, GA, you’re probably better off with public water.

Water samples recovered in several counties last May 2014 found traces of harmful bacteria and contaminants in groundwater. While experts said most people […]

Athens, GA Plumbing Maintenance: The Importance of Regular Checks

Your home’s plumbing system, composed of long pipe lines, toilets, faucets, a septic tank, and other vital fixtures, require regular maintenance. Not giving due attention to plumbing maintenance could potentially lead to adverse consequences involving one’s health and budget. Fortunately, preventive measures can actually be done on your part. Tom Kraeutler, in his article for […]

Athens, GA Plumbing Tips: Preventive Maintenance for Water Heaters

What is the modern home life in the Peach State without having access to reliable plumbing systems if not uncomfortable and impractical? While practically every household in places like Athens, GA today are equipped with efficient plumbing, many homeowners don’t give it a second thought until problems force owners to pay attention. This problem calls […]

Importance of Athens, GA Well Service and Cleaning: On Contamination

Many homeowners in Georgia’s Classic City favor water well as an efficient way to get their home’s regular supply of water safe enough for household use. However, while well water is generally safe (soil acts as a natural filter), there are many factors that open it up to contamination, thus often requiring reliable Athens, GA […]