Plumbing Tips and Advice: How to Avoid a Home Inspection Citation

Some plumbing problems are obvious, others not so. Health and home inspectors are experienced and well-trained experts keen at finding both. While you may be aware of certain plumbing issues such as a clogged toilet, other not-so-obvious issues could result in a citation for certain plumbing violations.


An Athens, GA Plumbing Maintenance Check: The Household Septic Tank

When it comes to plumbing in Athens, GA plumbing systems, one area that can be taken for granted is the septic tank. Most people wouldn’t know that this has to be checked on periodically and pumped out every now and then. If it isn’t maintained properly, it would need replacement sooner rather than later, and […]

Home Plumbing: Importance of Hiring a Reliable Plumber in Athens, GA

Plumbing services are usually about the construction and repair of toilets, faucets, and septic tanks, whether in a commercial or residential setting. If you want to ensure that you receive quality services and your home ends up with an efficient plumbing system, you have to work with a dependable plumber in Athens, GA from established […]

More and More Counties in GA Relying on Wells, Says Athens, GA Plumber

According to a recent FierceEnergy report, Ben Hill County is slated to receive eight new water wells, an $81,200 project, to provide at least a dozen households with clean water. With the aid of Water Well Trust, a nonprofit advocate of clean water supply for households, the project is expected to save the county more […]

U.S. Drought: Well Drilling in Athens, GA and Elsewhere Vital as Ever

While it isn’t as widely affected yet by the drought that is currently taking its toll out west, Georgia isn’t quite dry enough to avoid the brink even as its neighbor-states continue to get parched. There’s still a little bit of good news, though, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor:


Signs That Indicate the Need to Hire an Experienced Athens, GA Plumber

Water damage always seems to happen when you least expect it, and often at the most inconvenient times. Knowing this, many Georgia homeowners have made it a point to take out insurance policies that cover their homes for water damage. Consequently, an article on says that the state ranks third in the nation for […]

Proper Athens, GA Plumbing Helps Students Focus More on Their Studies

A good environment is necessary for quality education. However, a February 18, 2014 story on discusses how a fault in a high school’s interior systems are causing problems for its students. It writes:


Various Plumbing Problems that Can Be Fixed by a Plumber in Athens, GA

A clean, well maintained bathroom is a necessity for a comfortable lifestyle. After all, it is in a bathroom where people do the necessary tasks to keep themselves clean and prepare themselves to face the day without any problems.

However, there will be times when toilet just won’t flush properly. An inefficient toilet, alongside a […]