There is never a good time to get a clogged drain. Yet, pet owners who want to live in a household with a clean pet often have to contend with fur clogging their pipes and drains. Just a few simple solutions are the key to keeping the drains and pipes in your bathtub free of pet hair. You or your plumber can set up some preventative measures that will solve this problem. Along with some new habits, you can keep your pipes and drain free of pet hair and give you and your wallet peace of mind


Clean out the pipes:

Odds are, you are looking for solutions for your pet hair problem because your pipes are already clogged. This is not going to be solved with some over-the-counter solutions. Call in your professional plumbing and well service in Athens, GA. They will come in, clean out the pipes and help you start fresh. Then, you can proceed with trying some other methods of prevention and keep that hair from going down the drain.

Protect the drain:

When you brush your pet, you can see how much fur fills up the trash bag. Now imagine this fur going down the drain. The most effective drain solution is that you could ask your plumber in Athens, GA to install a professional hair trap, similar to those that professional hair dressers use in salons. Of course, a less expensive, mesh screen trap option is at your home improvement store. While not as reliable, this is definitely a more affordable solution.

Bathe al fresco:

The most effective way to prevent any fur to go down the drain is to bathe your pet outside. Gather up several buckets and fill them with warm water. Have all of your soaps, brushes, towels and other supplies on hand before bringing your pet outside. This task is often best done with two people-one to hold your pet and the other do do the bathing. In a very short time, your pet is squeaky clean and most likely happily trying to roll around in some fresh grass and happy the deed is done.

No matter how you decide to solve your pet hair problem, the key is to keep your pipes and drain clean. Your professional plumber can help you with a variety of solutions and preventions so that your pet will keep clean and you, with no plumbing surprises.

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