Tenured Athens, GA plumbing companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service that offer septic system services face mild, moderate, and severe septic tank issues on a daily basis. Many of these problems could have been avoided, if not for the negligence or the lack of awareness and information on the part of property owners. Septic systems can actually last for years without regular maintenance as they are designed that way, reports Yahoo! Voices contributor Olivia Cummings:

“Septic systems are very low maintenance systems which can provide reliable service for 20 years or longer. The level of maintenance and frequency of problems can both be greatly reduced by knowing how to recognize problems and taking steps to protect your septic system.”

Here is a quick list of some of the common reasons why septic systems go bad prematurely:

most common causes for septic system problems

Excess water – Septic systems are not designed to hold large amount of water. Too much water inside the tank means that the solid wastes don’t get the chance to break down before the water level raises, causing solid matter to pass out of the tank and into distribution tubes that are designed to only handle liquids. The result is clogged pipes that can lead to more serious problems in the long run.

High water table – During the wet season, groundwater can rise and get into the septic system’s leaching field and force sewage up to the ground surface. Dealing with this problem often requires that the entire system be reinstalled at a much higher level, or countering the groundwater with a series of drains around the system called “curtain drains.”

Non-biodegradable materials – These things find their way down into the tanks when people flush down non-biodegradable items down the drains when they shouldn’t. These materials hardly decompose and can fill up septic tanks to the brim, causing clogged pipes and other serious problems.

Chemicals – Substances like phosphates from detergents act as fertilizer, promoting algae growth inside the tank which, over time, clogs the perforations (small holes) in the distribution pipes. Toxic chemicals from products like solvents and paint thinners also find their way into the surrounding soil, polluting it in the process.

Faulty design/installation – Even as everything looks spic and span inside the tank, faulty septic tank design or installation can be the source of a string of problems in your tank. Leaching systems placed in unsuitable soil, or a system that is too small for a house it serves can definitely lead to early failure.

Prevent these root causes from creating bigger problems for you by having your septic system checked out by a reputable Athens, GA septic tank servicer immediately.


(Source: Most Common Causes of Septic System Problems, Yahoo! Voices, September 11, 2010)