Your home’s plumbing system, composed of long pipe lines, toilets, faucets, a septic tank, and other vital fixtures, require regular maintenance. Not giving due attention to plumbing maintenance could potentially lead to adverse consequences involving one’s health and budget. Fortunately, preventive measures can actually be done on your part. Tom Kraeutler, in his article for the, agrees:

Learning how to prevent plumbing problems such as leaks, bursting pipes, and clogged drains is easy with the right tools. Old and new homes alike require year-round attention to plumbing details, so watching for the signs of plumbing problems is a must.

If you pack a little know-how and a few tricks of the plumbing trade into your home care toolbox, you’ll be able to avoid the kind of plumbing problems that can literally soak you.


On the other hand, if DIY maintenance or repairs are not your strong suit, it’s best to entrust the job to professionals. Needless to say, excellent Athens, GA plumbing services from established companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service are worth your investment. They cater to households that need their urgent help for unclogging drains and repairing plumbing fixtures, may they be your bathtubs, water heater, or toilet.

Septic systems likewise need constant checking, especially those for residential use, since the need for major system repairs or replacements may arise over the years. Proper maintenance, which is quite affordable, may extend your septic tank’s life to 20 years or beyond, but replacing your septic system due to lack of proper care can cost thousands of dollars. That is why maintaining your septic tank in Athens, GA must be given some serious consideration.

Wondering if you already need help? It is easy to determine when your septic systems already need attention from plumbing experts. A problem in the system is often manifested by water draining slowly, foul-smelling sewage backup in drains or toilets, and when drains make a gurgling sound.

Similar to human anatomy, think of plumbing as your home’s circulatory system wherein long lines of pipes (comparable to your blood vessels) run unseen under floorboards and behind the walls, nourishing your home with water and draining away sewage.

Indeed, it is essential to invest in regular plumbing system checks to avoid unnecessary spending for repairs. Companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service have plumbing experts who could readily respond to your need towards achieving holistic home maintenance, from doing system checks to repairs and replacement.

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