When it comes to plumbing in Athens, GA plumbing systems, one area that can be taken for granted is the septic tank. Most people wouldn’t know that this has to be checked on periodically and pumped out every now and then. If it isn’t maintained properly, it would need replacement sooner rather than later, and would cost a lot of money. Also, a system that is not working properly can contaminate groundwater that is used for drinking.

A basic maintenance procedure is pumping out the septic tank every 3 to 5 years. This will prevent buildup of sludge or floating scum. While the scum rises to the top, the solid waste settles to the bottom. This is why it is important to pump it out periodically. If the bottom of the top of the sludge layer is within 12 inches of the outlet tee or if the layer is within 6 inches of the bottom of the tee, then it is time to have it pumped.

The septic tank can also take in so much water at any given time, so one should be mindful of water usage. Discharging excessive amounts of water can cause it to back up. Also be mindful of what goes down the drain for these items can clog the tank. Using household chemicals should also be kept to a minimum because it can hinder the bacterial action in the tank. The key here is to monitor what goes into the drain and, ultimately, the tank because these can potentially clog the tank and affect its performance.

Having a septic tank is beneficial because they are depended on to treat and dispose of wastewater. It also stores and decomposes as much solid material that it can while the liquid is allowed to go to the drainfield.

Your home’s septic tank in Athens, GA is a great investment but it must be taken care of in order for it to provide years of reliable service. A well-maintained tank can reach up to 20 years before needing any replacement. Homeowners who want a septic tank installed or need help with maintenance can get in touch with companies such as Athens Plumbing who are experienced in many areas of plumbing. It is easy to overlook the septic tank since it works in the background, but it is necessary to check it now and then and make regular maintenance so that it can continue to work properly.

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