Plumbers are often called in to fix a plumbing problem that no one foresaw. More often than not, however, it will be to fix something that was left to worsen. Between the two contrasts, the latter is utterly inexcusable as the cost to fix them is often considerably more than what early repair would have cost in the first place.

Below are some examples of common plumbing problems that an Athens, GA homeowner may face. If you encounter any of them, it’s imperative that you call a plumber straight away. Letting such issues linger could open you up to bigger utility bills, extensive water damage and maybe even health risks—all of which can lead to substantial costs down the line.

Leaky pipes

Homeowners are likely to encounter a broken water pipe at one point in their lives—it’s that common.. Leaky pipes can very hard to notice, especially if they are located behind concrete walls. Tell-tale signs that you have leaking pipes include low water pressure, hot or cold spots on your wall or floor and a water bill that shows you are using more water than normal. Leaky pipes could lead to significant damage to your home’s structure and foundation, so they are best handled immediately.

Clogged drains

Another very common plumbing problem, clogged drains are mostly the result of a homeowner’s negligence to what they pour down their drains. Fat and grease are the most common causes of clogged drains, so if you have this problem, try pouring hot water to melt them away before calling a plumber.

Water heater leaks

Leaks in your water heater can be a challenge to deal with. If you notice your water heater leaking, or if the pilot light goes out often, have a professional take a look at it. Doing this as soon as the problem appears will give you the chance to repair or replace any faulty components; otherwise, the only remaining option will be to replace the entire water heater assembly completely.

Sewage problems

Sewage problems can be a total inconvenience when they occur, especially when the repair process proves costly and extensive. When sewage water is unable to make it into the local sewer pipe system or onsite septic tank, it may be necessary to drain the pipes out and clean the system.

Trusted plumbers in Athens, GA

Plumbing problems only get worse the longer you wait. If you are in need of a plumber, don’t hesitate to call trusted plumbing and well drilling professionals like Athens Plumbing & Well Service.


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