Of the various components and systems that make up a plumbing network, it is the septic system that is mostly forgotten or largely ignored by homeowners; it does not help that the system is out-of-sight. On-site sewage facilities are usually built to last for as long as possible and are buried underground, so some homeowners pay little attention to the system. It is only when a home’s drains begin to back up that homeowners start worrying about their septic tanks.


Homeowners who suspect that something is wrong with their septic systems should immediately call for a local Athens, GA plumbing contractor, such as Athens Plumbing & Well Service. Select plumbing companies are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to repair septic systems without causing too much of a mess. The same contractors can also pump out solids from the septic tank as part of a routine maintenance arrangement.

Septic Tank Problems, and How They Are Caused

Although septic tanks are large enough to accommodate just enough wastewater, they can still be choked, causing nasty backups in drainages and toilets. Typically, backups in the septic system occur when the tank reaches full capacity, but junk such as sanitary pads, hair combings, dental floss, baby diapers, and other unsavory items can stop the flow of sewage along the lines and prevent wastewater from properly entering the septic tank. Homeowners should avoid throwing or flushing garbage down their drains if they do not want to experience a horrifying backup.

Septic System Maintenance

Maintaining a septic system is the key to preventing future plumbing and overflow problems. Homeowners need to keep in mind certain factors, such as the number of people in their household, the total amount of wastewater generated by the household, and the volume of solids in the wastewater, to determine how often they will need to empty their septic tanks. Additionally, homeowners need to carefully manage the absorption field where the tank lies, so that the wastewater can be properly disposed of. If you need your septic tank in Athens, GA cleaned or maintained, consider scheduling a routine checkup and cleaning with a local contractor, so you can stay on top of the oft-forgotten system.


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